Quick Sketching For Travel Workshops

Reggie Behl, who passed away in March 2011, had been teaching weekend workshops in QUICK SKETCHING FOR TRAVEL (With Basic Drawing) for over twenty years at the University of New Mexico, where she developed the concept. She had also given the workshops at the Smithsonian, the Los Angeles Museum of Natural History, and for seventeen years at the University of California (63 workshops), where they have been consistently oversubscribed. She found, in her travels, that photography is not always welcome in some areas today, but somehow, sketching is, and often opens the door to interesting and unusual adventures. You get to meet some of the most interesting people, and get invited into places you would never have known about. If you don't know the language or dialect, sketching is a great communications medium. On her frequent travels, she averaged 100 quick (two or three minute) sketches per week.


She had a BFA from Pratt Institute, and an MA in painting from California State University at Northridge. She had one person shows, won many prizes, and her paintings are held by several museums and in private collections. She was elected a member of the National Water Color Society, and honored by the City of Los Angeles with an exhibit in the city gallery. The workshops used some of material and experiences she had recorded during her everyday life and travels in over 80 countries, and all of the continents, plus all over this country. A recent exhibit, Explorations, at the University of New Mexico's Jonson Gallery used unusual materials such as copper, manipulated foil, stainless steel shavings, silverpoint, and map imagery.  Some of her artwork can be seen on her website ReggieBehl.com.


Her students learned how to use the tools and techniques of quick sketching to enrich their travel and everyday experiences. They were taught how other people have documented their own experiences, and ideas, in sketch form and how to develop their own personal systems through demonstrations, practice sessions from slides, photographs, and life.


She was in the throes of writing a book on Quick Sketching for Travel when she died.


For information on other workshops in Albuquerque, contact University of New Mexico Continuing Education at 505-277-2527 (http://www.dce.unm.edu).